4 FREE Services To Help You Meet The Standard Of Care For Behavior Medicine

November 22, 2012

From Dr. Karen Ashby,Program Chair of the South Florida Veterinary Foundation MVC PUP E Program [Miami Veterinary Coalition/Community To Prevent (& End) Unwanted Pet Euthanasia.] Email: mvcpupe@aol.com

Greetings Veterinarians,

Like me, you may not have realized that working with or referring your clients to a traditional pet trainer may not meet the veterinary standard of care?

Yet, according to The American College of Veterinary Behaviorists (ACVB), if you refer a client to a traditional pet trainer who uses shock, choke, pinch or prong collars, or uses force such as yanking on the leash, physical punishment, hitting the dog, holding the dog down forcibly against its will, you maynot be meeting the accepted standard of care for Behavior Medicine, “and this can constitute a violation of a state’s veterinary practice act.” The ACVB considers these to be “outdated and inhumane methods” which do not meet the standard of veterinary care. Like me, you were probably not aware of this information. However, we are expected to keep up with new knowledge. When it comes to Pet Training, Positive Reinforcement Training (R+) is the now the accepted standard of care.

Positive Reinforcement Training (R+) is a scientific approach to training. Positive Reinforcement techniques are the foundation of behavior modification programs recommended/used by Veterinary Behaviorists.  However, be aware that some traditional trainers do misrepresent themselves as Positive Reinforcement Trainers. Visit the ACVB website for guidelines for yourself and for your clients on how to select a Pet trainer: http://www.dacvb.org/resources/position-statements/       

Our MVC PUP E Program Behavior Initiative Positive Reinforcement Trainers Are Volunteering These 4 FREE Services to Assist You AND Your Staff (& consequently your clients):

1)      FREE PHONE CONSULTATIONS FOR YOU: Our R+ trainers will continue to offer a FREE phone consultation to assist you with instituting behavior modification programs for your clients & their pet(s)(dogs and cats).

2)      FREE BASIC OBEDIENCE CLASSES FOR YOU (& your staff): Is your own pet Canine Good Citizen certified? In January, we will resume offering our FREE Positive Reinforcement Basic Obedience classes to allow the Veterinary Community to gain firsthand experience & knowledge on the art of positive reinforcement training. Check out our You Tube Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6a-AQhS2ik.

Who can attend? Veterinarians, veterinary technicians & other veterinary staff, veterinary technician students, veterinary academy students, pre-vet students and rescue group personnel are encouraged to attend with their own personal puppy or dog, or we can provide you with a rescue dog to train towards their Canine Good Citizen certification to make them more adoptable. Note: These classes are not open to your clients. Where: Felix Varela High School. When: Saturdays 6:30 – 7:30 pm! [Note: Schedule & Directions will be posted on the SFVF website: www.sfvet.org in January.

3)      2 FREE R+ BASIC OBEDIENCE CLASSES Or CONSULTATIONS FOR YOUR PATIENTS RECENTLY (Within The Past 6 Months) ADOPTED FROM MDAS OR A RESCUE GROUP [Note: Your clients must have a letter/note/records from you indicating that the pet is: 1) Up to date on vaccines 2) Does not have any known contagious or zoonotic diseases and 3) Has completed the 10 day MDAS adoption quarantine period]. When: Starting Jan 2013. Where: Felix Varela High School.  Email: mvcpupe@aol.com for our schedule and to confirm classes. We will post the class & directions schedule on the SFVF website in January.

4)      In Clinic Presentations: These trainers are available to come to your clinic to meet you and your staff and give a brief presentation about any aspect of Positive Reinforcement Training. Email: mvcpupe@aol.com to schedule an event.


Note:  Our volunteer R+ trainers meet the criteria for the standard of care recommended by the ACVB.

They are also available on a private basis for one on one or/and group obedience classes, as well as as assisting you with instituting behavior modification programs for your clients & their pet(s) [Note: It is also the standard of care that whenever behavior medications are dispensed, behavior modification is also recommended for the patient]. You can also visit their websites or look them up on You Tube, to learn more about them.

Leby Gonzalez, CPDT-KA

Rocco’s Pack Pet Services

Website: www.roccospack.com

Email: info@roccospack.com

Phone: 786-309-5109


Jess Feliciano, CTC, CPDT-KA CDBC

RotNDog Training & Behavior Consulting [Dogs & Cats]

Email: RotNDOgRehab@gmail.com

Phone: 609-408-1447


Denisa Hoult, CPDT-KA

Applause Your Paws

Website: www.puppytrainingmiami.com

Email: training@applauseyourpaws.com



Russell Hartstein, CPDT-KA

Fun Paw Care

Website: www.funpawcare.com

Email: info@funpawcare.com


Kind Regards
Dr. Karen Ashby

Founder & Chair of the MVC PUP E Program

[Miami Veterinary Coalition To Prevent (& End) Unwanted Pet Euthanasias]
Email mvcpupe@aol.com or info@sfvet.orgor call 786-258-VETS.
Website:: www.sfvet.org, Go To Programs, Go To MVC PUP E Program
Also A Member of the SFVMA, AVMA, FVMA, AVSAB [avsabonline.org], HSVMA [hsvma.org], & PCRM [pcrm.org]


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