How can I help?
The SFVF counts on the support of both participating Veterinarians and the community. If you’d like to make a gift to the foundation, checks can be made payable to:
South Florida Veterinary Foundation

Or, you can make your donation quickly and securely online through PayPal.

You can also help by finding out if your veterinarian is active with the SFVF. IF not, encourage them to be! If your vet has questions about being involved with the SFVF they can contact the foundations President, Dr. Robert Pane by e-mail or by phone at 305.238.2030.

What causes has the SFVF supported that I might recognize?
The SFVF recently helped raise money for the 2010 Walk for the Animals, which benefits the Humane Society of Greater Miami. In the past, the SFVF has supported Miami-Dade Animal Services by donating new flooring for the facility, creating the Pet Central exhibit at the Miami Children’s Museum and endowing a veterinary scholarship at the University of Florida.

How many free spays and neuters does the SFVF do in a year?
The SFVF aims to do at least 200 donor subsidized surgeries a year for people who cannot afford to have their pet sterilized but believe in being a part of the solution to control the pet overpopulation problem in south Florida.

What is the SFVMA?  Is the SFVF a part of the SFVMA?
The SFVMA is the South Florida Veterinary Medical Association, which represents the veterinary profession with the Miami-Dade and Monroe counties of South Florida. With the realization that only through organized veterinary medicine can a significant local, state and nationwide impact be made when issues relevant to veterinary medicine come to the forefront, the SFVMA strives to protect, promote and strengthen the veterinary profession. SFVMA vets also meet monthly for continuing education meetings, and many SFVMA vets participate with the SFVF. The SFVF can be thought of as a sister organization, although the two are separate entities. Click here to find a SFVMA vet in your area. 

What is the best part about being a veterinarian involved with the SFVF?
“I feel being a member of the SFVF is a privilege and an honor. We serve the vet community to promote positive projects in the area. It is extremely gratifying to see these altruistic plans come to fruition. Especially pleasing is to see the quiet heroes and organizations we recognize. The more we (as a group) can promote animal welfare the more everyone will benefit”  – Dr. Bob Pane, SOUTH KENDALL ANIMAL CLINIC






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