Lecture Series

Friends of the Foundation Lecture Series
In 2010, we kicked off the first of many lectures to come. This free lecture series is open to pet owners, rescue workers, technicians, and all animal lovers! Lectures are held in the spring each year and best of all they are all free! Most speakers are veterinary specialists at the top of their fields. Below are currently scheduled lectures:

Pet Allergies, Fleas, Food and Environment

March 20th, 2014      7:00- 8:30

Dr. Millie Rosales, DVM, DACVD and Dr. Danielle James, DVM, DACVD

Dr. Rosales and Dr. James, both of whom are Board Certified Veterinary Dermatologists,  will discuss allergy symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. Allergies can make our pets feel miserable, attend this free lecture to learn about how you can help your pet be more comfortable!

University of Miami, Whitten Learning Center, Room 120,  5150 Brunson Ave (Across from Doctors Hospital)

Refreshments and Door prizes sponsored by




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