MVC PUP E Program

Current Objectives of MVC PUP E:
 To increase awareness in the Miami-Dade veterinary community that as many as 37,000 dogs and cats are turned into MDAS annually, and usually over 50% of them end up being euthanized. The number of dogs and cats being euthanized in 1 year as a means to control shelter over population has even reached over 20,000, despite their diligent efforts to adopt these animals.

 To develop & seek to support various initiatives within the veterinary community that serve the goal of preventing euthanasia as a means of controlling animal shelter populations…in other words, to also function in a liaison type-capacity.

 To facilitate & develop lectures and programs that will increase awareness, knowledge, and or proficiency in the Miami- Dade veterinary community in four main areas of focus or initiatives. These lectures and programs will be of great benefit to clients and their pets, promote quality veterinary care, and at the same time serve to prevent & end unwanted pet euthanasias.

4 Areas of Focus and Initiatives:
1) Behavior
2) Spay – Neuter
3) Educating Pet Owners
4) Veterinary Care

MVC PUP E Veterinary Community Includes – 

The MVC PUP E Program Would Seek to Involve the Veterinary Community:
 Veterinarians
 Veterinary Staff
 Veterinary Technicians
 Veterinary & Animal Assistants
 Veterinary Receptionists
 Veterinary Managers, etc.
 Veterinary Affiliated Students:
– Veterinary Students
– Pre-Vet Students
– Veterinary Technician Students
– Veterinary Assistant students
 Ancillary groups within the Veterinary Community:
– Pet Trainers and Behaviorists
– Pet Trainers & Behaviorists Students

The 4 Initiative Committees – 
Behavior – Dog Training Initiative Committee (BIC):
Wednesday, September 12, 2012 from 7:00-9:00 PM
What Can You Say In 20 Minutes? Practical Tips To Prevent And Treat Behavior Problems In Dogs And Cats
Dr. Lisa Radosta, Veterinarian and Dog Behaviorist, will give a lecture to the Veterinary Community at Miami Dade College, Medical Campus, Room 1175. This program is co-sponsored by the FVTA. Refreshments will be served.
*RSVP is required, e-mail or call 786-258-VETS
*SFVMA and FVTA Members earn 1 CE Credit
Click here to download a flyer of the upcoming lectures.

Spay-Neuter Initiative Committee (SNIC)

Other Programs and Activities:
1) Scholarship through SNMF for Hi-Volume & Quality Spay Neuter Training For Vets
2) SNAP: Spay Neuter Advocacy Program For Students In Veterinary Affiliated Fields
3) Lectures By Veterinarians To Students In Veterinary Affiliated Fields
4) Project In The Works: Lecture On Hi-Volume & Quality Spay Neuter Training For Vets & Possible Wetlab
5) Project In The Works: Pediatric Spay Neuter Wetlab with UF Shelter Medicine Program.

Veterinary Care Initiative Committee (VIC):
On, April 18, 2012: The MVC PUP E Program facilitated Dr. Cynda Crawford of UF & Dr. Maria Serrano, chief vet at MDAS (our local Miami animal shelter) to speak to the SFVMA in April on Infectious Disease – Shelter Medicine. This lecture helped veterinarians to more effectively diagnose Distemper virus and treat sick pets adopted from MDAS, and fostered a better understanding and relationship between MDAS and the veterinary community.

June is Microchip Awareness Month: Advocate microchips for pets. Scan old microchips to see they are still working. Verify that your information is up to date with the microchip company. Pets without microchips are labeled as strays, and more likely to be euthanized if not adopted.

Educating Pet Owners Initiative Committee (EPIC):
April 20, 2012: The MVC PUP E program facilitated Dr. Cynda Crawford from UF & Dr. Maria Serrano, Chief Vet at MDAS (our local Miami animal shelter), to speak to the public at the Vet Foundation Public Lecture Series on Shelter Medicine Themes. This lecture fostered a better understanding of the challenges at MDAS and the public’s role in preventing the infectious disease outbreaks at MDAS, by keeping their own pet’s up to date with the DHPP (distemper/parvo) vaccine, as well as the importance of microchipping their pets.

[DVDs available]

Also, the EPIC, will be working on Presentations for Schools offering Veterinary Related Programs/Courses/Training as well as Community and School groups, in English and Spanish.



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