History of MVC PUP E Program
About a couple years ago, Dr. Ashby added Miami-Dade Animal Services (MDAS) as one of her relief veterinary clients. This impacted her greatly and made her aware of the erroneous beliefs she held relative to MDAS. Her main interaction with MDAS prior to this was through seeing sick pets that were adopted from MDAS, and were brought into the private practices where she worked by distraught new owners. Also, there was the obvious awareness that animals are euthanized there daily. So, her experiences relative to MDAS were mostly negative.

When she began working at MDAS however, she encountered colleagues and other staff who, despite the limitations of funding and poor housing conditions for the animals, worked diligently, with kindness & compassion, to do their best to care for every pet there, and get them adopted.

Further, working there impacted her relative to the unwanted pets. After looking into many eyes and being haunted by those eyes, Dr. Ashby began to ponder and research, “Can private practice veterinarians who already do a lot to prevent euthanasias, do more? Is there room for improvement?” She came upon a book by Attorney & Animal Advocate, Peter Marsh, Replacing Myth with Math: Using Evidence-Based Programs to Eradicate Shelter Overpopulation, and was inspired to engender the MVC PUP E Program with the help of colleagues.




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